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Robin Allison is the initiator and project coordinator of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood, the award-winning 32-home cohousing neighbourhood in Ranui, Auckland, New Zealand. Earthsong demonstrates leading-edge sustainable design with intensive community involvement, and was a finalist in 2009 in both the World Habitat Awards and UN Habitat Awards.

Join the next webinar series “Cohousing – From WOW! to HOW…”  starting Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Regional seminars are run on request, usually as a Friday night talk and full Saturday workshop.

“I’m totally committed to supporting the development of healthy connected communities and thriving sustainable neighbourhoods. Having spent 15 years learning the wide range of skills needed to bring Earthsong to fruition, I’m now offering my experience to support and promote these values in other housing initiatives and the broader context of village and town centres. I see strong local neighbourhoods, and the cohousing model in particular, as contributing a layer of connection and cooperation that is one of the keys to creating more sustainable cities.”