Book Trip to Canada, UK and Europe, September/October 2023

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We’ll be travelling for two months in Vancouver, England/Wales and parts of Europe, staying in cohousing, giving talks and selling books, and generally making connections with other great communities and people working together for a better world. Get in touch if you’re in the area and would like to link up!

30.8.23 to 18.9.23 Vancouver

Visits and talks to:

Little Mountain Cohousing

Driftwood Cohousing

Quayside Village Cohousing

Windsong Cohousing

Vancouver Cohousing

16.9.23                 Talk and bookstall at Homesteading Fair, Cowichan Station, Vancouver Island  

19.9.23 to 13.10.23        England and Wales

28.9.23                      Cohousing UK Symposium, Coin St, London. 11 am to 4 pm.

30.9.23                      Talk to Swansea cohousing group, Wales 10 am to 12pm.

4.10.23                      LILAC Low Impact Living Affordable Community, Leeds

7.10.23                      Book events at Bath and Frome, England.

13.10.23 to 30.10.23     Europe

17.10.23                   Talk at Utrecht University, Netherlands

19.10.23                   Ecodorp Boekel

21.10.23                   Spreefeld, Berlin

26 – 28.10.23          Damanhur, Italy