Cohousing on breakfast TV: The AM Show on Tuesday 18th August 2020.

A little video on the Stuff website with their article on 22nd August 2020.

Cohousing, an Intentional Neighbourhood – An in-depth interview with Kathryn Ryan on RadioNZ Nine to Noon on 28 September 2020.

Robin Allison was interviewed on “The New Zealand Home” series on TV1 in 2016, and Earthsong was described by the show’s host as “a model for the house going forward”. Produced by Warner Brothers with support from NZ on Air.

Short vimeo of Robin Allison made as part of the Changemakers project.


See many more videos on the Earthsong website

Robin is a founding trustee of YIMFY: Yes! In My Front Yard, the Centre for Appropriate Building Technology. Meet the YIMFY team in this video.


“Good Neighbours with Earth: Using natural building materials in community-scale construction” – article in Communities Magazine, Summer 2018. Reprinted in “Wisdom of Communities” Volume 4: Sustainability in Community here.

“Rebuilding Connection – Community and Sustainability” – article for Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust  Cuppa Tea blog, December 2013.

“Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood: Rebuilding Community Within the City” – Article for Communities Magazine, Fall 2012. Esong Communities Mag Fall 2012 pdf. Reprinted in “Wisdom of Communities” Volume 1: Starting a Community here.

“Robin Allison: For Earth and Neighbourhood”. Chapter 19 of “How Communities Heal: Stories of Social Innovation and Social Change” by vivian Hutchinson and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, 2011. The .pdf is available here: HCH19RobinAllison

Earthsong features in “Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small-Scale Community in a Large-Scale World” by Ross Chapin, Taunton Press 2011.

Sustainable Town Centres and Communities – Research Report for Winston Churchill Fellowship 2008. Churchill research report 2009.05.20

“Eco-villages” section in “A Deeper Shade of Green: Sustainable Urban Development , Building and Architecture in New Zealand” edited by Johann Bernhardt, Balasoglou Books, Auckland 2008.